Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition and Our Children’s Future

Pregnancy Nutrition and Our Children’s Future By Amy V. Haas, BCCE We hear all about eating a good diet during pregnancy to help yourself  be healthier, and have better outcomes, but apparently, what we eat during pregnancy can also affect our children’s future health.  Proper pregnancy nutrition can affect children in multiple ways, most specifically by helping to prevent: Prematurity, Birth defects, Diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, Behavioral problems, Poor cognitive performance, and depression. Since premature babies can potentially have multiple health, cognitive, & development...

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Pregnancy Cravings

“Cravings for certain foods are common in pregnancy. In theory, this can indicate a need or deficit in a diet.  Cravings for healthy foods can be indulged, but cravings for non-food substances (Pica), such as clay or laundry starch can be harmful, and should be reported to your care provider If you crave things like ice cream you can indulge yourself, to a point.  Ice cream has calcium and protein in it, but it also has a great deal of sugar.  Indulging on occasion is not a problem.  Eating it every day could put you at risk for gestational diabetes. Cravings for fresh fruit can...

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Diet du Jour! Pregnancy & Popular Diets

[As seen in issue #111 of Midwifery Today]   Diet du Jour! Pregnancy and Popular Diets by Amy V. Haas   Popular diets are as prevalent during pregnancy as they are in everyday life. Every five years or so a new diet pattern pops up and is touted as the best way to eat. However, during pregnancy if we want to have a better chance at preventing problems such as prematurity, we really need to take a step back, look at the big picture, and use some common sense [Katz 2014]. The latest of these are gluten-free diets and the Paleo diet. There isn’t necessarily a problem when adults decide to...

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