Does your childbirth education class include all of these topics?

Bradley Method Natural Childbirth classes include all of the following topics and more!
Pregnancy exercises
How to stay healthy and low risk
Choosing a care-provider
Choosing a birth place
Evidence based maternity care?
training your partner
Natural labor techniques
1st stage
2nd stage
3rd stage
Comfort measures
36 common interventions
Variations on the theme of birth
Danger signs
Emergencies (prevention/natural resolutions)
Medically necessary interventions
Immediate postpartum care
Immediate Baby care
And more!
If the class you are considering taking  doesn’t include all of this  then you should be taking a Bradley class! Don’t wast time and money on classes that only include some areas, or sell technical services.  Take a class that is comprehensive, and one stop shopping.  The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes  prepare you for everything!