What’s the difference between Bradley® Natural Childbirth classes, and other types of classes?

Bradley® focuses on prevention, and healthy normality. It teaches women ways that they can stay healthy and low risk. By concentrating on what is in their control, through nutrition, exercise, and avoidance of harmful substances. They give women the power to influence their lives in a positive way.

The classes are longer because it takes a human being 10 – 12 weeks to truly absorb and develop muscle memory for the different natural labor techniques, and information. They teach not only natural labor techniques, but focus on what is normal in birth, how that feels , and helps women and their partners to be less fearful of the process.

The classes teach consumer advocacy, and knowledge that parents need to make tough choices that are right for them. Moms and their partners learn about mental, physical, and emotional aspects of birth, and many ways of dealing with the normal aspects of being a human being giving birth.

Families who choose the Bradley Method® usually desire to have a loved one – husband, partner or friend — trained as their primary labor assistant, or at least thoroughly educated to know what to expect, what is normal, what is not, how to help and when to ask for help.  Women who are supported and assisted in labor by a well trained loving partner feel safer and more secure. Data show that they are more likely to have a healthy normal birth, and the partner is less likely to bring their own fear into the birthing room.

We track the statistical results of our students births so that we know this type of education makes a true difference.  Families who take Bradley® classes have an 80% less chance of needing pain medications or other types of  medications.  Their chances of needing a Caesarean are cut by 50%, and have higher breastfeeding rates.  As a result we see overall healthier moms and babies.

Bradley® classes inspire women to be strong, and work with their bodies. They cover everything from pregnancy nutrition to breastfeeding your baby. They are considered the university level childbirth class. But there is no app for that. Just as there is no short cut to parenting; there is no short cut to birth.

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6 Benefits of the Bradley® Method, Including High Rate of Natural Birth Success
So why ATTEND a childbirth class? Why not do an online course? Simply because there is no online birth. You will physically attend the birth of your child. There is no substitution for muscle memory. So yes, I could make money teaching an online course, but it won’t be as effective. Bradley® classes have the stats behind them that prove they work. Ask for nothing less!