What Students Say

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“[Bradley classes] empower you to make the best educated decisions for yourself and your baby and make pregnancy and labor/deliver way less frightening! ”  Lacey, 1st time Mom, Natural birth

“I am so thankful for the Bradley classes we took with our sons.  It truly prepared us for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth.  We felt very prepared and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of birthing, especially our confidence in each other as a birthing team, and our ability to handle whatever came our way.  I can’t thank you enough for the guidance, information and support you have given us!  When the time is right, I’d love to become a Bradley Instructor and help others have a great experience.” – Heidi, 3rd time mom and Bradley student, 3 natural births.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!  I am a Bradley coach guru.  On Feb.13th little Serena was born naturally without pain medicine. It, needless to say, was an awesome experience, I cried like a baby. Without the classes there would have been no way for us to enjoy this experience the way we did.  I would have passed out for sure without all the information and videos we received.  On a serious note, there is nothing worse for a man then to sit still and not be able to help your family when in need.  We are fixers, that’s what we do.  These classes not only allowed me to feel a genuine part of the pregnancy and delivery, but also allowed me to help provide emotional support, ease labor pains and participate in the hands on delivery of our bundle of joy.” –Charles, 1st time Dad

“We are very grateful for what we learned in our Bradley classes. My husband was able to be a wonderful coach and a true partner during my labor and my daughter’s birth because of all he had been taught. The classes also taught me that rather than something to be feared and then endured, labor and birth are something to look forward to with joyful anticipation. I am so glad we were given all the resources we needed to have a healthy, joyful birth for our daughter.” – Tara, first time mom, natural birth

“We still think back and count our lucky stars that we found your class, which enabled us to have a totally natural birth for [our baby]. We have not yet encountered anyone who hasn’t said: ‘she’s such an alert baby!’. And we attribute that to the intervention free childbirth.” – Lisa, first time mom, natural birth

“We found this to be well worth our money. I was encouraged to research things further and became much more involved in the decision making. Our Midwife commented several times about how we worked so well as a team during labor and delivery. She was impressed with how we did.” – Eileen, first time mom, natural birth

“Thank you for not only offering Bradley classes – we couldn’t imagine going through this without them – but for doing so enthusiastically! We also appreciate the extra time you put in researching and pulling together information on cases such as ours. Thank you for being such a caring resource!” – Trish, first time mom, natural vaginal breech birth

“We are grateful to you for all of your guidance in having a healthy child. I want you to know that [these classes] made such a difference in our lives in so many ways. I am considering becoming a Bradley instructor” – Julie, first time mom, occiput posterior baby, natural birth

“[We] want to thank you for all your help and support. [Our baby’s] Bradley birth was incredible, and we feel so fortunate we were able to take your class! I can’t thank you enough for going all out to provide me with the induction information and for giving us labor suggestions in the wee hours of the morning! You were wonderful! Thanks a million!” – Kim, first time mom, natural birth

“Thank you so much for all of your help – before, during, and after our Bradley class. I cannot imagine what our experience would have been like with out your help and guidance.” – Tracey, first time mom, natural birth

“When [my daughter] was born, it was like my life started.  When they placed her on my stomach, I said, ” Hello my baby girl” and she lifted her head and looked me straight in the eyes.  I couldn’t wait to tell you because I was amazed at how alert she was. ( just like you said!)  I was so happy and proud we were able to do it without medicine and I believe it benefited our baby as well.  Bradley techniques really work!!!  “ –Danielle, 1st time mom.

“Amy is a very kind person. She is extremely well informed, and takes her time to locate the facts and cite her work.  She doesn’t hesitate to go out of her way to help someone in any way, especially in the form of gaining new information. She is one of the best and most useful teachers we have ever had. Her efforts outside the classroom to support the healthy /natural birth community are but a small reflection of the dedication and love she has for the act and idea of healthy, natural births, and happy, healthy families” –– Joshua, 1st time Dad