The Sociology of Birth

How our cultural socialization effects how we birth –

Socialization about birth in the United States is a pervasive thing. We are, from the time we are born, receiving messages about our roles in life, and subsequently our ability to birth or be a parent. Both males and females go through this. How we are socialized by our culture and our families dictates our personal beliefs about ourselves and our respective roles.

The United States is somewhat unique in this, as a great deal of disassociation from the body and cultural ritual has taken place. Mass consumerism and affluence have shifted the focus of home and family to that of production and accumulation. In obtaining more freedom with regard to roles, or jobs, women are now missing an essential part of their inherent role in the continuation of the human species. If both genders were to learn respect for their bodies, each other, and respective roles in life it would be possible to forge an independent culture in which men and women take a positive attitude and position in procreation.

Birth in the United States has become an anachronism. We have become so obsessed with technology that we can’t imagine it may not always have an appropriate place in the birth process. We forget that procreation is something we are naturally designed to do. Only the negative stories remain, and an over reliance on Medical Technology and Doctors create a false belief in our inability to function normally. Sadly enough this does have roots in the aspect of male dominance.

By making young people aware of the ways in which they have been socialized to believe specific things about birth in general and their ability to birth we hope to invoke change. Causing them to think and question the commonly held beliefs in this country about birth may improve their chances of normal birth, and the continuation of the human species. We have so altered the normalcy of birth in the United States that it is starting to effect our fertility. It becomes more and more common for otherwise healthy adults to have fertility problems. Also, provoking thought regarding our role and responsibility in our impact on the earth might also stem from an awareness of how we birth.

So educate yourself.  Don’t just accept the cultural norm!