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How to stay Healthy and low risk – Avoidance of Harmful substances

How to stay Healthy and low risk – Avoidance of Harmful substances Recently, I was standing on line at the grocery store, got into an odd conversation with the clerk. It resulted in her asking me “What do you think about all these medications that women take these days during pregnancy or breastfeeding”. “Well,” I said, warming up my elevator speech, “Women need to discuss anything they take with their care provider ahead of time and decide whether it is really medically necessary. Then they need to weigh the benefits of taking the medication against the risks.” But here is what I did...

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Prenatal testing: Beyond Ultrasound

Prenatal testing:  Beyond Ultrasound Most pregnant women in the United States are subjected to a multitude of tests that may or may not be truly medically necessary.  Always ask “how does this benefit me and my baby?” and “what will be done with this information?” It turns out that common prenatal tests are not necessarily safe, or for that matter, necessary. Many tests introduce additional worry, don’t necessarily improve outcomes, and aren’t particularly accurate.  Educate yourself, schedule an extended appointment with your care provider, ask specific questions, and wait for educated...

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