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The Sociology of Birth

How our cultural socialization effects how we birth – Socialization about birth in the United States is a pervasive thing. We are, from the time we are born, receiving messages about our roles in life, and subsequently our ability to birth or be a parent. Both males and females go through this. How we are socialized by our culture and our families dictates our personal beliefs about ourselves and our respective roles. The United States is somewhat unique in this, as a great deal of disassociation from the body and cultural ritual has taken place. Mass consumerism and affluence have shifted...

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Cultural Diversity in Childbirth Education

Cultural Diversity in Childbirth Education Amy V. Haas, BCCE I had just started a new class and as I looked around the room I wondered what surprises these families would hold for me. How could I best help them find what they need? Most important, what would I learn from them? As a childbirth educator (CBE) of 15 years I have learned to tailor my classes to accommodate the needs of different families. Just because I live in a suburb of a small city in upstate New York does not mean I will only have white, middle-class students. The area where I live is actually quite diverse, mimicking the...

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