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Homebirth Conversation on Public Radio

Connections: Understanding the New Study on the Safety of Home Births with Evan Dawson of WRUR Rochester, and members of Rochester Area Birth Network For more information check out an excellent analysis by Researcher Henci Goer: And from Researcher Dr. Eugene DeClerq of Boston University:...

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Birth is a Journey! Start by Choosing a birth place:

Hospital vs. home birth The Majority of women in the US go to the hospital to have their babies.  It became common from the 1920’s on when it was believed that births would be safer there. Sadly, that has not necessarily been proven to be the case.  Evidence based birth practices have shown that restricting interventions and promoting natural birth actually improves outcomes. However, the majority of the research today shows that Hospitals do not practice evidence based medicine. As a result The United States has the highest rates of infant and maternal mortality than any other developed...

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